The CoD Warzone Kill World Record. Enjoy!

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  1. Jahcrispy UwU says

    How? I average 2-7 kills per game

  2. OSR- WAEL says


  3. Mr Sebas says

    Cual es la clase de la mp5??

  4. CHOST says

    Mate it’s 137 kills not 138

  5. Sara Handzlik says

    what is your solo kill record

  6. mc Leon says


  7. Aanisa Abeer says

    Is modern warfare and war zone the same game?

  8. Armando Garcia says

    Console playing against PC is completely unfair ? PC players are at such an advantage it’s unreal

  9. shmeatty says

    Eu bots ✅

  10. Pora says

    Nice to use hacks right?

  11. mljester386 says

    Why does it feel like he's running so fast?

  12. BAMonster24 says

    Kidda veere

  13. Jonathan Williams says

    bro… everyone else in that game was basically playing without eyes or hands, when i play its like im going up against all of the pros combined in the lobby

  14. FaZe Killer17093 says

    U actually got 137 kills

  15. NILSATOR o7 says

    137 not 138

  16. Chacal Gesstar99 says

  17. Chacal Gesstar99 says

    Word record war zone

  18. Александър Трайков says

    toa pi4aga stra6en kynec 4estno

  19. steepmuk. says

    Americans say lag as lag but gulag as guloooog???

  20. Francescoawsome v Crielesi says

    dont wanna be the kid but it was 137

  21. Corbin and Brady’s trickshots says

    It’s actually 137Kills

  22. Meade Helios says

    Was searching for cod youtube hackers and your video got recommended

  23. oozierus says

    Was it a server full of bots? He start shooting alone against full team and noone even fired a bullet in his direction. When I play this game I dont see bots like this.

  24. Thomas says

    Sad that he get the credit for a non world record 🙁

  25. Levente Ilyés says

    This is not 138 kill, it is 137 kill

  26. Matt Lawrence says

    Imagine a long hard day at work, then you run into these absolute sweats xD

  27. Gabriel Cerveira says

    Bruh that’s so fake Kkkkkkk. Nobody in the serve have vant? Skinks ataque aéreo kkkkkk

  28. Mark Morina says

    It was only 137 kills

  29. The Black Sheep Horror Show says

    Really dude? You mean a TEAM record against BOTS. Consider yourself a scammer. Can't even post a genuine game.

  30. Vladimir Shulepin says

    I don't even get how the whole map you guys took over

  31. Technimechanical says

    Hskdiydgdben here here jskdudhebksudb I got two hskdoejebd djcjcjhcjs djdjskdk Wow dude.. who ever those unintelligible mutters are coming from doesn't help anyone and must be so distracting!

  32. Anthony .Wojciwchowski says

    Please don’t play music next time

  33. Hamzah Miah says

    How do i get better? Ive had this gave for 3 months and yetcto get 1 kill

  34. 2021 says

    Honestly if I was spectating, I probably would have reported you. Take that as a compliment, I mean I didn’t even see you miss a shot.

  35. Intel HD Graphics Gaming says

    Its 138, people saying its 137 look at the end of the video

  36. Xronic says

    They killed the whole lobby plus 6

  37. Tankito says

    Go to 25:17 and count the kills then read the title. Anything stand out to you. He got 137 not 138 . Still fucking insane though

  38. brian - says

    I can beat that ?

  39. Psycho Lew says

    You’re actually cracked at this game

  40. Cevdet Doğan YT says


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