1. Nadine Neufeld says

    it is always the blue team celebrating

  2. Bekah d says

    Haha love this

  3. Battlechip YT says

    hahahaha lol toilet and the last 1 and bike XD

  4. Ben Kandathil says

    Soccer is how us canadiens and sum Americans say it so stop raging I respect u calling it football tho cuz it's just way ur used to

  5. Alan says


  6. Shinobu Oshino says

    Funny team 🙂

  7. Arjun Kahlon says

    Lol they care about celebrations more then soccer 😀

  8. Nazir says

    the best to me was the toilet

  9. Kieran Wilkes says

    Lol so cool

  10. Samuel Ojo says

    the last one wz sick

  11. Bajan Norwigean says

    The last one was awsome

  12. longjawCharlie spoilerB says

    its football…

  13. Jie says

    i had to watch the first one 5 times til i get what they were trying to do xD reeling the big fish xD

  14. TIGERNET TV says

    The toilet.

  15. A K says

    They care about celebrating more than actually scoring lol

  16. MrRaul Huerta says

    Not sure if the fans celebrate because they score, or because they come up with these awesome celebrations

  17. Makenna Santiago says

    how do they score so much

  18. Kevin Yuliawan Music says

    for the bike one, they should have the players that are on the sides (the ones not part of the bike itself) start in front of the bike and run backwards, so that it looks like the bike is moving forward

  19. delhigod says

    This is fucking awesome LOL!!!

  20. Jamie Morgan says

    LMFAO i'd let that team score 50 goals past mine just to see a load of their celebrations :L

  21. Chee Siang says

    I will let them score if im their my opponent lol

  22. Santos ortiz says

    OMG LOL!!!!!!

  23. DrawingThingsAndStuf says

    Think this team practices on celebration more than anything

  24. ThePBui says


  25. trishan chand says

    That was amazing..

  26. Adam says

    Dude, that was so amazing i almost cried

  27. l1ghts4bre says

    Hahaha… Worth to watch

  28. valerie cornejo says


  29. AlipAmirrudin says

    i bet they are comedy actors before they became soccer players xD

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