1. Tino Fajardo says

    Can I play this game on Xbox 1?

  2. commanderaram says

    In one player mode u can chose the direction of the shot. But. In two player mode u can't why??? 🙁

  3. Anthony Steele says

    goal keeping translates well onto the kinect.. probably the best use of a games console yet

  4. Jeremías Bozzano says

    en español perdon

  5. Jeremías Bozzano says

    alfin un comentario enespañoooollllll

  6. jska romero says

    and it came with kinect sports

  7. jska romero says

    i barley got the kinect sensor today but i cant play it cause im grounded

  8. Marcelo Javier says


    Que golazo..

  9. Urbandude66 says

    Don't stop me now *music stops*

  10. Jezstarico says

    okay then….DOGGIES!!!!

  11. thebigb4d4sian says

    @CoTToNKaVe umm how did u get to wear what ur avatars wear?

  12. DakavesKaves says

    @Ric2650 Sí, totalmente, me encanta el Kinect. El movimiento de PS3 es una mierda!

  13. DakavesKaves says

    334th COmment

  14. Haziq Mohd Nor says

    Dont stop me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nick98 says

    i still remember when i went to my friend's house and i did a football match on this game against my friends! it was awesome! i won 5-4! it was so much awesome that reminded me matches like Real Madrid VS Barcelona!

  16. xXMCproductionzXx says

    Me and My sister got an Xbox 360 Kinect yesterday for Christmas, but when we play football, we keep on getting tutorials popping up when we know what to do. I see you dont hvae it. How do you get rid of it?

  17. harra97 says

    @iSciience you have american football that is what the world know it as. football is the real name of "soccer"

  18. harra97 says

    @iSciience you say that but them comment that clever guy

  19. Ricardo Fonseca Matus says

    el XBOX 360 kinect le gana 100000000000000000000000000 de veces al ps3 move

  20. harra97 says

    @Trevisj45 good for you

  21. Ali Zurix says

    thumbs up if u hate that fucking accent

  22. ivan aleman says

    i was expecting idk they should make a game like pro evolution soccer……. it is kind of boring it must be the players jajjajajajajajajajjaja

  23. Ahmad Marzouk says

    @dindongpie games can't be gay smart boy.

  24. dindongpie says


  25. Fernando Costa says

    ele abaixo por isso levouo gol

  26. Alia Assran says

    I bought kinect sports today but didn't play with it yet because i don't want my sister to know that I bought it so I can't stop watching this video I'm so interested to play so I'm waiting till she sleep 🙂

  27. Marvin P says


  28. Marvin P says

    Can someone tell me what the name of a song is where some one is singing: SO WATCHA GONNA DO WITH STARS ON YOUR EYES?..or something else ?

  29. Kanji says

    @CoTToNKaVe What console

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