Xbox – August 2020 Games with Gold


Play together with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. August’s 2020 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Portal Knights and Override: Mech City Brawl. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), August begins with MX Unleashed and Red Faction II. August’s lineup provides over $79 dollars in value and up to 2000 in gamerscore.


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  1. Jack Shackleton says

    What’s the point in gold when we get this

  2. Official_GTS says

    Never seen good games from gold since 2019.

  3. Adamkickface 377 says

    there's always usually at least one decent game each month

  4. Caio Matheus says


  5. doom slayer says


  6. Jason Carp says

    Only the homies played MC unleashed

  7. - Rf29 - says

    Just finish the Live Gold.

  8. Nicholas Moe says


  9. Corey Crawford says

    More dislikes than likes makes sense

  10. ALTAI TURK says

    Like/dislike ratio: 0,14

  11. André Toscano says

    When you think you saw everything.. so so lame…

  12. David Alejandro says

    ???? Why

  13. Jack s gamer captain says

    Make Xbox live free and xbox live gold to pay Shere and like if u agree

  14. DeepCover266 says

    Ehhh. Not going to complain. I will add them to my collection. But I doubt any of these will get played.

  15. ASTOR CBS says

    they only put the summer offers, they have the habit of putting pure senseless game for gold

  16. Anonymous 019 says

    Just make gold free. These games are ?

  17. Nick Rowland says


  18. Lil Spghetti says

    Okay because of Override it’s a little better than last month but not much

  19. Влад Глазунов says

    Так что тут в итоге то ???? Я нот андестенд

  20. RicanSamurai says

    Oh man, I remember playing MX unleashed with my friend for HOURS on the og xbox. Wow, I may need to pick that up again

  21. Dairbarely says

    atleast they have the og xbox games

  22. Bray Elliott says

    Remember when we would get battlefield and the crew the good days of Xbox live gold

  23. STARSBRASIL Games says


  24. Guilherme Schneider says

    R.I.P Xbox ⚰️ LOL

  25. Sofia Almeida says

    DISLIKE ?…

  26. Luiz Fernando says


  27. Luca Bellebono says

    And ps owners got cod…

  28. gabriel gonzalez says

    Si quieren juegos mas chingones paguen gamepass …. Política de xbox

  29. Vinicius Gameiro says

    Merecemos jogos melhores

  30. Александър Тренчев says

    Make online for free!

  31. Zack Bertuzzi says

    We Need MX Unleashed And Red Faction 2 for free On Xbox One Please

  32. Horizo 5 says

    Who in the world liked this video

  33. Jingle Jingle says

    I am just here for the comments

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