Xbox Games Showcase July 2020 – Angry Reaction!


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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex give their live reactions to the Xbox Games Showcase July 2020! Halo Infinite, Avowed, Warhammer 40K & More! Xbox gives us a glimpse of their future, our Impressions!

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  1. AngryJoeShow says

    I'm talking too much and interrupting people in an unnecessary rush, ill tone down the interruptions in the future. Here is an explanation of the time you guys are most worried about here."Armellica 4 hours ago1:03:39 – 1:03:49 this is just sad man.. Alex is such a good guy, I love AJ but cmon man let him talk ! its pointless to have Alex and OJ when they arent allowed to talk :("During the show I think we all made comments while others spoke – everyone was allowed to talk. After the show, we each were given time, OJ first, Alex next and myself last on what we thought. I think this is a good format, unfortunately I interrupted Alex who showed it on his face when following up with a storyline from our pre-show where OJ wanted to know what the opinion of the girl was on the xbox show afterwards, it was happening in real time live (she was giving her opinion) so really in order to hear what she said I had no choice but to interrupt in that moment, he showed it on his face and you guys are fairly picking up on that, afterwhich I apologized to Alex live seconds after for cutting him off briefly and asked him to continue. We were also going to do a pre/post show reaction so I was still in that mode of "this is playing live, let's listen to this for a second, and get back to the point you are making after its done".Will let people finish and will take this feedback to heart and will do a better job at letting others have their say.

  2. chevyguy87 says




  4. Elite GamingGuru says

    They showed gameplay lf Mechassault, Physconaughts, Medium, Halo Infinite, Grounded, Tetris, Avalon,Crossfirex and more. Unsure why people said only gameplay from 1 game. Ive just listed GAMES.While Sony shows no gameplay for any LAUNCH GAMES?!?! REALLY?

  5. Derek Tweed says

    Apparently there was around 10 minutes worth of gameplay in this showcase. 3-4 minutes more than Sony's event.

  6. abel ascic says

    yes it did HALO is awsome

  7. purpledogsix says

    Terrible commentary.

  8. xXxBACONxXx FPV says

    The stream I watched had zero lag

  9. Alan Shields says

    Joe you scream to much you child

  10. Andre as Yono says

    hallo looked a littlebit like minecraft XD

  11. Gunstar75 says

    Someone likes the sound of their own voice

  12. HappyAngel Gaming says

    Yells at Other Joe for talking over the trailer then proceeds to be obnoxious and talk over the trailer 21:00

  13. Aaron Toews says

    Constructive criticism: JOE read the below comments, because 99% of the ones I just read, have nothing to do with xbox, but YOU'RE presentation.

  14. Blood of Heroes says

    Did he finally figure out that Console Launch Exclusive means it just launches onto Xbox first before other consoles and not that it is coming at console launch?

  15. Marc Riley says

    They r pushing console out early and unready, like so many games we get. I'll wait until its bugs r fixed and get series X 2.0 in a year or 2.

  16. Antony de Navarro says

    The Angry Joe talks over everyone while also telling everyone else to shut up show. Snooze

  17. Blood of Heroes says

    This is odd seeing AJ blaming Xbox when everyone else that watched it had no issue. It was obviously on his end that the hitching was going on.

  18. anarchy saint says

    Everwild: the game for hipsters

  19. Hushkababa says

    AJ: Imperial Guard! Sold on Xbox forever!Bottom of Screen: Xbox Series X/ Windows PC…

  20. master slander says

    joe was a dick to Other joe downvoted

  21. AVERY says

    I can’t lie you did talk when Xbox guys talked and it was like wtf wait till they stop talking

  22. Blight says

    Fight Hard – Cringing

  23. FAULTYCLONE 001 says

    ekk bockk is shit

  24. Junior KZ says

    I'm excited for a few games, But I'm even MORE excited to see you review them! Heh!

  25. FatalFist says

    I heard about a big update coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 that would update everything so New Genesis sounds pretty cool.

  26. FatalFist says

    I got worried when they said exclusive and we saw STALKER 2 but then Microsoft X is cross platform so that includes PC too I guess.

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