Xbox Games Showcase Livestream 2020


On this Xbox Games Showcase livestream, Microsoft will be giving you a closer look at the future of gaming, including world premieres and updated looks at some of the games we’ve already revealed. And yes, that includes your first-ever look at campaign gameplay from Halo Infinite.

Xbox Game Studios is pushing the industry forward with a huge variety of games, all of which support services and features that put the player first, including Xbox Game Pass and Smart Delivery.

IGN will host a pre-show starting at 8am PT with a post-show immediately after the showcase.

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  1. Derp! At The Disco says

    Idk if it’s just me but most games don’t look much better than Xbox one games

  2. Cael Cassidy says

    PsychoNauts 2 would be scary on acid

  3. Wy Kay says


  4. Оганес Торосян says

    3:38:55 презентация S. T. A. L. K. E. R 2

  5. Zach Naim says

    Guys, respect Microsoft, they actually managed to flop harder than the XBOX One reveal. That's talent.

  6. The Mandalorian says

    Ah yes, i always needed a next-generation console to play Tetris effect.

  7. Syed Saif Ali says

    The worst games, I have ever seen. ?Xbox this is not excepted, they don't have better titles. ?

  8. Commenter says

    World XBX just defeated Gameboy Color ?

  9. cratter13 says

    Just wow. Great show!?

  10. Zach Diesel says

    Pure trash. Floppybox hahaha

  11. Mike Herron says

    Somebody get ryan mccaffery a tissue and some hard liquor. This was the Super Bowl for Xbox!!! Well they just butt fumbled and then called timeout! And next play… butt fumbled again.

  12. tSx says

    Xbox: I’m sorry.

    Sony: Don’t be sorry, be better.

  13. Blazing Phantom says

    As a great man said Gamers respect every console

  14. Deng van D. says

    Halo Infinite looks current gen to me, nothing next gen about it…

  15. JohnnY says

    STALKER 2 caught my eyes

  16. Marvy Avelin says


  17. Marvy Avelin says


  18. Red Power.红色的力量 says

    Hahaha Xbox has no chance.

  19. YaLikeJazz 420 says

    (Commit while while watching) hoping for mhw sequal

  20. ツS a m says

    I play on a I pad and I think the ps5 is better in my opinion

  21. Jayven B. says

    I’m kinda excited..

  22. TrueBlaze says

    Was this impressive? No, certainly not, PlayStation definitely showed off their power better. But personally all I really care about is the games and I thought these games were more interesting than the ps5 games they showed off.

  23. Da_ogre says


  24. RedAlfa says

    So XBOX turn to a console for kids now

  25. Asanta Mckenzie says

    After watching this can’t wait for the PlayStation 5 to come out

  26. Papi Choulo says

    The ps5 took a W

  27. Kenshin Himura says

    halo Infinite looks terrible. Looks like an Xbox 360 game to me. The graphics are so bad.

  28. Luke S says


  29. Filipe Souza says

    Its true that the trailers are small, but please, just don't hate yet and just wait to see real gameplay

  30. Spawn and Batman says

    I mean 4 games im looking forward to still. Halo infinite, forza, elder scrolls, fable.

  31. Tha Bozz says

    PS5 ♥️

  32. AlenDevlin says


  33. Samuel Jean-JR says

    Wow Xbox can't catch a break no matter what they do, I mostly play on PC but I can appreciate that Microsoft is pushing towards accessibility this time around. I mean seriously for five bucks a month you can get access to over 100 games and not to mention a majority of exclusives at launch will be available on game pass, sounds like a win to me. Speaking of exclusives remember how everyone, myself included made fun of the Xbox for the lack of exclusives, lol I still remember 2018. The point is here they are unveiling a handful of "exclusives" from newly acquired studios and still can't catch a break. I don't know I guess people are still trolling them over the whole Xbox one debacle.PS Tetris is a game for casuals

  34. Sam Horrell says

    This was so disappointing, especially because in theory xbox has the advantage in graphics through more teraflops. These trailers were where they could shine. Forcing devs to make the games run on outdated hardware looks like a mistake

  35. Daycare Daycare says


  36. Zachary Brazan says

    Who watch all these in 4k?

  37. Don Kiko says

    Was this recorded in 2013??? ?

  38. Terry Tran says

    Matt Bootie & Sara Bond are a hook up elements?

  39. Remastered says

    I'm one of those people who buy both consoles but Xbox doesn't look like they're showing anything super impressive,of course there is a few cool looking games but the PS5 showcase was quite better than the Xbox showcase,I feel the next Xbox will do much better the the next Ps

  40. Parinay Gupta says

    Um, is no one gonna talk about the cloud textures loading literally the moment the player looked in that direction at 2:06:15? Wtf, they could've at least ironed that out for the gameplay demo of the game they've been hyping for 2 years now ?

  41. Dio Brando says

    This is worst than the Xbox one

  42. Xx I Am Verified xX says

    How Halo infinite ya best game lmao??

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