Xbox Series X’s Second Wave of Games and COVID-19 – Unlocked 444


IGN’s Xbox team discusses Phil Spencer’s recent comments about how COVID-19 might affect early 2021 games, the dates and details for Gamescom’s all-digital event later this summer, the three classic games that Double Fine is bringing to Xbox this year, and more!

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  1. FUGLY says

    recently started to follow you guys…great work and info!!i think i ❤️ u Mir

  2. JJ Spleen says

    New Republic Commando staring Clone Force 99 from the latest and last season of Clone Wars. That would be perfect. Called it here first.

  3. Bradley Prince says

    I hate the way they just glossed over Mafia 3. Just be honest and admit the game makes you uncomfortable.

  4. LiquorandGunFun says

    Bad Company BF game would be a great game to start with for that LA studio. The community has been begging for another one of those forever now.

  5. Oscillate De mad says

    The one x looks better

  6. UnRuleD Grizz says

    June and July is gonna drop the mic on Sony. I'm calling it now. I can't wait for July. So excited to see all the games being worked on and made.

  7. x STiCKFiGA x says

    This isn’t the number one Xbox podcast. Dealer gaming podcast killlllls it with views

  8. Andrew Quinn says

    Congrats on the OLED, Miranda! I just got 65" LG C9 from Costco on Tuesday! It's amazing, but definitely listen to Ryan and spend a little with a calibration guide!

  9. John Blue says

    Republic commando reboot would be fantastic excellent idea Ryan. Or I’ll take even a Remake especially with all Clone Wars hype.

  10. John Blue says

    I’ve been listening to podcast for so long since 360 days & this is one of best podcast for gaming. Fantastic job Ryan & crew.

  11. RandomShinigami7 says

    On the DICE LA's new game talk, I'm just going to throw this out there: A first person Mass Effect game set during the First Contact War.I was thinking about back when Andromeda was first teased with Casey Hudson (pretty sure it was him) asking where fans want the series to go now that 3 was done, and a lot of people were asking for the First Contact War. I don't think that would have worked in the way that those people wanted (more on that below), but as a first person shooter? It can absolutely work. And Vince is no stranger to sci-fi and based on Jedi Fallen Order he can play well with other franchises, DICE knows how to make FPS' with the Frostbite Engine (they literally built it for FPS'), and it'll keep the Mass Effect series going (albeit in a different direction) while Bioware figures out what they're doing with it.As to why I don't think it would have worked, think about how ME3's ending was received. There was an outcry of "your choices didn't matter!" That was still a recent sore on the fanabse back then. Now think about the First Contact War. It's set in stone, there's no changing the outcome of it. So if they did that game back then people would complain that the choices in that didn't matter either, and if they did allow big changes then people would complain that it's not canon. That game would have been a lose/lose situation if done in the style of a Mass Effect game. But that set-up of two races meeting for the first time and engaging in a brief war lends itself almost perfectly for a FPS.

  12. Proxy Payload says

    That intro got hella old fast

  13. Chris Burns says

    Is it me or does it seem that Destin just doesn’t know his game information. He’s just not sure of his knowledge and make A LOT of errors.

  14. E. Vargas says

    Let’s gooo

  15. Antonio Beneby says

    @Unlocked How do you feel about Halo universe … Flood Survival Horror Game …with Marine/ODST/ Scientist / Recruit (Dead Space Type Series)?#UnstoppableFlood 343 Industries, Xbox Studios !!!

  16. Jermel Purse says

    Well I want to see mass affect one and two remade EA Hass to have at least thought about remaking Mass Effect three. Not because it was a great game necessarily the company made so much money with their online PvE mode. Nobody talks about it really but if you go back and look at games sales for the month after that game came out Mass Effect three was always at the top of the list because people kept buying the little packages for the online play five dollars this week $10 that week. Why do you think the dragon ease that came out after words had a multiplayer component it was because Mass Effect three made so much money when it came to multiplayer.

  17. Mike Johnson says

    I hope there be series x enhanced tomb raider game and injustice 3 for it.

  18. Mike Johnson says

    fact xbox plain build machine which looks like inside and out like tower pc computer so told time and again.

  19. abdullah show says

    Hi john ??

  20. Brandinn Kimmie says

    The 101 on 343, nice coincidence for 444.

  21. DOMINIC FENIX says

    Surprised you didn't mention Fable's soundtrack!!! I put it on when I'm reading fantasy books, and I often use Temple Of Light when I go to bed! Super relaxing

  22. Ignacio Proudly JesusCrist believer!! says

    I’m disliking the video because I thought there was a mafia game here!

  23. reddawg051 says

    That's a pretty good way to start the day off. Working as an essential job maintenance technician master Chief give me strength

  24. Stu Hunt says

    Oooh, Destin shouts out M4 Part 2 by Faunts. Outstanding choice – AWESOME track.

  25. Jackal says

    Original FF7 soundtrack. By far my favorite all time.

  26. R R says

    I need to know what happens at 7:58….he's talking and then someone makes a noise interrupts him and the camera switches and look at the guys reaction at the bottom lol

  27. TheJNB93 says

    Wonder what they will announce at Gamescome – does no one remember pre orders went live for the One X after their Gamescom conference? Fairly confident this will be the case with the Series X especially in light of the current situation and to try and bait Sony to unveil info first…whilst also giving gamers enough time to save up

  28. Mahmoud Amine says

    Yeah keep waiting guys, you've been doing it for the last 7 years and it seems to me that the guys at Microsoft are doing this on purpose and going out of their way to disappoint the fans who stuck with them and supported them. I have no expectations from xbox, zero, and they still find a way to disappoint me. When you guys stop believing these lies and stop buying their trash products, that's when they'll rethink their strategy and start making good games because until now it's been nothing but damage control and pandering to people who cry on twitter and xbox is trying to disguise it as friendly consumer practices even though they don't give a shit about consumers and seem to forget about that DRM shit they tried to pull back at e3 2013.

  29. jackripper990 says

    EA this gen produced only Anthem and APEX legends original IPs. Thats pretty abysimal compared to Dragon Age, Dead Space, Army of Two, Saboteur, Mirrors Edge, Skate, Spore. I did not include EA published titles, as they do not really mean they created the IP, and also Mass Effect while it is a EA brand right now, it originally started at Bioware when they were independent.

  30. The Haven says

    I honestly don't get the hate for Mafia III. I loved it personally.

  31. Psychof1st says

    Silent hill 3 and all the Silent Hill games composed by Akira Yamaoka. Those are my top favorite soundtracks. And some Zelda game tracks are my favorite, as well!

  32. Psychof1st says

    The next Forza won't come out till Spring or early Summer 2021. Because they're mocapping all the cars.The BMW will be played by Andy Serkis. The Ferrari will be played by Melina Juergens. The game is going to have a rom com story about two mismatched cars that are determined to fall in love, no matter what!

  33. jason batista says

    I was hoping halo infinite was a TRUE next gen game not a cross gen game. Its gonna feel real old soon especially if playstation puts out exclusive next gen games at launch.

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