Xi’an 西安 Travel VLOG (Shaanxi Province, China)


Video of our March-2018 short trip to Xi’an 西安 (Shaanxi Province, 陕西省, China).

Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi Province, and one of the oldest cities in China. Due to its extremely favourable natural defensive characteristic, Xi’an was chosen as the capital for a number of dynasties in Chinese history. Thus, ensuring its importance in both cultural and political aspects.

Additionally, Xi’an is the starting point of the Silk Road and site of the world renowned Terracotta Army. The popular Huashan (of the “World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trail” fame) is located 120km to the east.

Many of the popular tourist attractions in Xi’an is located within (or near) the compact Xi’an ancient city. The ancient city is completely enclosed by the well-preserved 14km-long city wall, which has wide walkways on the top of the wall. In fact, renting bicycles and cycling on the city wall is a highly popular activity amongst tourist.

Things to see in Xi’an city:
-Ancient City wall (西安城墙) 0:03
-Bell Tower (西安钟楼) 0:13
-Muslim Quarter 0:33
-Drum Tower (西安鼓楼) 1:08
-Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (大雁塔) 2:02

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  1. Ben Turton says

    Yo this is sweet!

  2. Get Lost with Johnny says

    Great footage of China and hope i can explore it one day as well 😊

  3. Happy Hour With Matt says

    Awesome video!! Xi'an looks amazing! We are moving to China in a few months!

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