1. Maciej Jan Długosz says

    Nice propaganda. You will get bliss when You buy one … LOL

  2. Deqster says

    This video gives me chills every time. Love Bonobo, Pilote, and the free radical. Still trying to find one used

  3. lightdark00 says

    Someone needs to explain how these are better than a bike frame that includes a rack. Granted when I hauled 100 lbs of stuff, especially long stuff, the ride was interesting and thrilling on my bike, but I have not needed to drive for more than a year. I would love to see someone transporting 4'x8' sheets of wood, because that's what I want to do.

  4. rosandi hendrawan says

    Nice bike , very usefull but it's hard to find this product in Indonesia

  5. TJ the rc Guy says

    we need one of these bad i just cant afford one 🙁

  6. bayouratt283 says

    You're so right. I've been riding one for almost 6 months, haven't driven a car since.

  7. Andrea Tharp says

    Not just that but once you have one, you really feel bad for the cyclists that are carrying a weeks groceries from their handlebars. I'm so glad that cargo are getting less expensive like the Radish!

    I briefly had a trailer- HATED that thing, freecycled it

  8. Solocanoe says

    YES! the revolution continues!

    Fat tires over Skinny!
    Regular Clothes over Neon Lycra!

    The bike IS utility – not "just sport" – the rest of the world gets it – nice to see the revolution happening here. Utility bikes, upright commuter bikes, and lots of folks USING their bikes all over now….not just going for a ride…but riding to go, to do, to have their bikes replace their cars for some stuff!

    Ride on regular people! Ride on! 🙂

  9. Ben Savoca says

    @2befree99 //Am I missing something?//
    Well, yeah. Spontaneity, for one. You never know what life is going to throw at you – a sudden need to carry a load or to ferry a passenger, or to give a ride to that really attractive person who just missed the bus – but the X is always there. And unlike a trailer, the longtail FEELS like a bike. It's astonishingly responsive, nimble, and fun to ride. And as for affordable, it's one of the most cost effective cargo solutions out there.

  10. Ben Savoca says

    //so these bikes are just better for carrying alot of stuff? is that it?//
    @vinilla Well, that's hardly "it." I mean, it's huge. It completely transforms and expands the utility of a bicycle. It doesn't just carry "stuff," it carries EVERYTHING! In the 2.5 years I've had my X, I've hauled my luggage to the airport, carried 200 pounds of lumber at a time, built an entire garden without the use of a car, given complete strangers rides across town… The video doesn't lie: it's life-changing.

  11. vinilla says

    so these bikes are just better for carrying alot of stuff? is that it? cool!

  12. vinilla says

    please someone explain WHY these are better….im a bit slow…and i love bikes…HELP

  13. laser148989 says

    Longbikes are the future I couldnt be happier with my Big Dummy and all I get is smiles when I roll by with a passenger on the back.

  14. macpaulster says

    Nice work. Great use of a broad range of photos, lots of fish eye work, nice music, and great quotes. Bravo!

  15. Andy in Germany says

    Used cycles distribute them in Europe. Very good service too…

  16. voodazz says

    this is so whitebread lol… but I'm intrigued with the bike.

  17. Marcelo Mena says

    Xtracycles are the first step towards a carbon neutral lifestyle. I've moved furniture with them, but a friend moved 100% using one. Other cool things to do with them? But 100+ dollars worth of groceries with your kid on your back, skipping traffic to and in the grocery store. Rock on, xtracycle.

  18. EyesOnMeStudios says

    I'd love to own one of these! I wonder if they ship 2 the UK!

  19. adamdurand says

    The music is by Bonobo, but does anyone know the name of the song?

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