Yassuo | DIAMOND 1 IN UNDER 200 GAMES! (Jungle Unranked to Challenger)


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Music (in order of appearance) –
Intro – Afternoon Break (Persona 3 OST)

Private Room [P3D Side 2] (Persona 3 Dancing OST)
Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star OST)
Ignition Flame (FF7 Remake OST)
The Turks: Battle (FF7 Remake OST)

Outro – So Happy World (Persona 5 Royal OST)

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  1. Lapsdy Fafa says

    More of This Sick edits plz Pinoy

  2. Pofkee e says

    Music name 3:44 ???

  3. Salty Dio says

    jeff jeff jeff kaplan 😀

  4. Asirelith says

    Amazing edit Pinoy, keep it up bro.

  5. Andi Spahiu says


  6. foxtrotmetal01 says


  7. Jordan McGarty says

    bring back its the questions for the inting portion! (I appreciate the kirby music however)

  8. Ghali G1 says

    guys pinky is just tooo great hahaha thumbs up to him btw 😀

  9. Nightcrafter 14 says

    This is like a moe .exe vid with the editing I love it

  10. CensoredMercy says

    Who edited this vid

  11. Josue Perdomo says

    Feeling fly like a butterfly

  12. jay heart says

    yassuo you should play yone

  13. jacky sun says

    u should try dark harvest khazix, is op. Go Q R E evolve, rush warriors, then glaive to clear wards and give vision pressure then dusk blade, finish it off with black clever and death deance.

  14. Shrekasourus Rex says

    This just appeared in my recommended and I have no clue what any of the things you say mean but pogchamp

  15. braeden joshua says

    Pinoy really flexing the editing skills this vid

  16. Zed Army says

    2:22 bug herald

  17. T T says

    Moe:Playing so well in jungle,and reach diamond so quick Me:I played so long and didn't even reach bronze (wth)

  18. Peaking Ente says

    It´s still only NA kekw

  19. dimitri kilibarda says

    love the old Pinoy editing

  20. genji bobwell says

    Moe is t1 wannabe. Lol jk. But t1 still better jg I think???

  21. Justan Goliday says

    Im missing the Moe Int Music can we have that next time please

  22. Josh Harrison says

    Tyler does jungle to challenger, plays new champs. Moe does it and plays mid lane champs ???

  23. ItsDaTao says

    Please dont say "pinoy is insane" give credits to the others too "Edited by Pinoy, Richey and Hero -"

  24. Sean says

    WTF. He invaded at 4:10, dies, then says Yasuo is trolling because he couldn’t kill. WHAAAAA

  25. EDGEKOST says

    Yo Yassuo is awsome and all but PInoy my guy u are a legend with those editing skills

  26. juan hurtado says

    Pinoy carries this channel so hard

  27. Lourenço says

    These videos are just boring I feel like im watching the same video over and over when it comes to unraked to challenger jungle

  28. Ciro Cat says

    5:01 had me dead

  29. Jonathan Vu says

    11:48 wtf happen to zed did he just afk

  30. Dextro Deus says

    2:40 "thresh was kinda good"

  31. resakeD says

    4:08 LUL

  32. tiago rodriguez says

    Tf blade is better than you

  33. Ryan Boyer says

    Moe is such a crybaby fr tho.

  34. Ben Kaiser says

    Moe you is a beast bro congrats

  35. Dark-i says

    new editor?

  36. bobbungo2 says

    Honor that zed. He gave you two wins in that promo

  37. Pucha says

    Amazing edition today too keep it up Pinoy!

  38. Angry Crimson says

    pinoy should put one of moe yell when he ulting as fiddle sticks XD

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