Yeager – Monster Hunter Gameplay (Android/IOS)


Yeager – Monster Hunter Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Yeager is a 3D action role-playing monster hunting game set in an alien world.

Immerse yourself in the visually breathtaking world created by our next-gen graphics engine as you take on the role of Yeager, an elite Vydrian hunter who takes bounties to hunt dangerous beasts.

Yeager features an intuitive, action-oriented combat system, allowing you to engage fearsome creatures up close, weakening them by breaking body parts with flashy combos, then moving in for a decisive kill. Customize your weapon and equipment freely to create the best setup for your playstyle.

Pit your skills against 4 highly challenging marks with unique movesets and attack patterns, with more to come soon!

Enjoy realistic HD quality monster hunting action powered by physically-based rendering and motion capture technology.

Navigate your way through vast forests and winding canyons while uncovering the many secrets hidden on Ekor. But beware the monsters snapping at your heels!

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  1. Midan Yaz says

    Dragon move like monster Hunter 100%

  2. Dark King says

    Garbage, the only thing remember monster hunter is the hammer class, the fight is not like MH. Where the classic monsters? Rathian, Rathalos, Tigrex etc. And potion, mega potion, rare steak, classic song when you defeat am monster, i'm really desapointed…

  3. vanil mirth says


  4. RmN oob says

    is it only a hammer?

  5. Tiko Hatakaru says

    andr0id c0ming s0n?,?

  6. ӄʊʀօ says


  7. T_mad 301 says

    If this game is an open world it would be so grate!

  8. pikolo ryder says

    Hope so dual Blade in the role gameplayYeah you know dual Blade in MHW like Levi ?

  9. Máximo Cozzetti says


  10. KawáiiSoul says

    what really a Monster hunter my Potato PC can play? Q_Q

  11. Sovetsky Soyuz says

    At least combat better than dauntless

  12. Yujira says

    this is shit . copycat of MHW with same animation , characters move set , even the monster movesets are the same ,what a shame.i really want to report this shit so hard

  13. Aloysiuz Cann says

    what region is this?

  14. Marene Rey says

    What's the name of this game?

  15. Akuzaiba says

    is this legit?? it looks like one of those games wherein they have an advertisement that shows you a gameplay that looks like a console! but then you download it in mobile and it does not look as near as the one in the advertisement… i'm having doubts… but if this is legit, well then count me in!!

  16. Luis Roque says

    The skill buttons looks like the skill in dragon raja, EX Royal Fire and from the Assassin class

  17. M4NN GAMING says

    anyone know what region can download this game ?

  18. HQ59 says

    Do you use monitor for your vids?

  19. Ryuga11 says

    that roar mechanic is sooo monster-hunter-ish…capcom gon sue it or buy it down i feel

  20. rev says

    somebody please tell me when this will be released on android

  21. Sifa Miftahul Huda says

    This game mode offline or online ?

  22. Marvin Armado says

    Available in SEA?

  23. Nay Shine says

    It's out now?

  24. Idraki Faeez says

    How can y’all said this is no where close to MH? Have you ever play MH on 3DS? This exactly like it ? even the move set

  25. Kush Black says

    Is the game out already?

  26. Kush Black says

    Is the game out already?

  27. Kaguya Sama says

    Errant huntersoul and this game will be my best game ever

  28. Proteus macapagal says

    When can we play this on Android?

  29. Vinh Triệu says

    This is no where close to MH but when dauntless come to mobile this game will be history because atleast dauntless have more content

  30. Sharms 10 says

    Your intro sound reminds me of CongTV ?.

  31. angga praditya says

    When is this game coming out …?

  32. MrXandan says

    This game looks much more promising than dauntless. Looking for what for this.

  33. Monggi Pipi says


  34. Greendofield says

    no stamina, so you can unlimited move

  35. Ayatullah Qomaini says

    i hope its on adroid soon, an have many weapon like MHW , it must.

  36. timothy thao says

    Not in usa i hope it release in usa

  37. Tony Ngo says

    Wtf not released in uk

  38. Dabian Chow says


  39. Guy Andrews says

    Gameplay looks boring but the graphics are nice.

  40. Roviol Hontilano says

    Online or offline ?

  41. Miko Puzi says


  42. Singing Owl says

    No grinding. Basically just a good hack n' Slash game and not monster hunter level.

  43. agy gahantoro says

    Not available in my country ?

  44. Sai Sai says

    Excuse me could you please leave download link for us

  45. Myles Randall dela Rosa says

    If you like monster hunter play DRAGON PROJECT in mobile.

  46. orlando nieto says

    There says coming soon for Android but, It never happend :'c

  47. Jefferson Cedan says

    Astig.. Huling laro ko nyan sa psp pa.. Klan kaya yan ng malaro na din

  48. Watarie Alexir Muay says

    Rigion plss

  49. Pepino Shiromar says

    Monster hunter

  50. El Diablo Canadiense says

    I love Monster Hunter, but this game gonna be disapointing, much hype but, looks like typical scam game, like ads of "Lords Mobile" only sh*t at the end

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