yes. i literally beat the entire game. in this video. pls watch.


Strap in. Get your snacks. So much work. Here we go.

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Outro By:
– Animation

KrpticUnknown – Beat


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #mk11 #mortalkombat11

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  1. gaming squad says

    Cory should do a live stream

  2. Gacha Tale says

    Literally every time Cory hears good music 2:47:51

  3. Yuck Ies says

    0:04 that little part of the video went away and the intro started

  4. Yuck Ies says

    2:01:15 LOL, CoryxKenshin: "How you BOUNcin' like that?!!"!!

  5. Hello There says

    Cory: you wanna be Arthur Morgan so bad. Erron Black: but what if I told you I was made first

  6. Bin Certified says

    1:45:14, time stamp

  7. Wr3ted 156 says

    He didn’t finish aftermath ?

  8. Ultimis Richtofen the one and only Richtofen says

    We all know you finished the story without us

  9. MetroHOF says

    1:44:52 tehehhe ik im late

  10. Jan Gates says

    You know what the little move that you did with Johnny Cage yeah if somebody tries to punches you it will not work even if they try to kick you it will not work it'll just block you and guess what you can punch them cuz they get stunned amazing

  11. V says

    bro it pains me to see Cory so tired yet excited, saranghae <33

  12. Gabrielle Peguit says

    Pls. do a mk 11 tower mode and mk 11 aftermath

  13. Bloxk_61 Gang Gang says

    Bro I swear he so funny

  14. Ryan Espinosa says

    When is Cory gonna do the aftermath story mode again

  15. Gavin Soliz says

    All I do in MK is grab like if you do the same

  16. AestheticRedDragon says

    These likes on this video are deserved you did amAZinG

  17. Corde Green says

    I made it to the end

  18. Justus Carter says

    im here

  19. Gabriel Acosta says

    It’s a shame that the aftermath dlc ruins this story ending. and the new one every use is really bad.

  20. DRKZZY Jace says

    Can Cory at least do some krypt

  21. Thinh Ngo says

    he was in the driver seat he could't shoot lol

  22. RayGun says

    Cory I'm a month late and I'm still watching you underestimate us.. Also don't know how to spell it but Sir ahn hey

  23. -_- says

    Ima watch it again

  24. Nicolas Alegandro says

    Done did watch the whole thing on my TV lol

  25. the trash guy 2.0 says

    Shao got folded

  26. MizzFelli says

    Only losers time stamp the secret message ?

  27. Gacha moonlight says


  28. Sonny Boyle says

    I love how they can get their face crushed and be fine but one bullet nah mate that’s crippling

  29. Julian Blair says

    When your girlfriend tells you to stop. Burn her

  30. XD Ghost says

    I beat In 2 days

  31. XD Ghost says

    Kronika is hard

  32. XD Ghost says

    On very hard and it’s easy

  33. Niki Alexander says

    I’m watching this whole thing I don’t freaking care

  34. Niki Alexander says

    I think it’s interesting

  35. JordsB. 250 says

    My head when I try to look sinister2:19:32What I actually look like 2:19:35

  36. Gaming With Silver Sqaud says

    I like how almost all the samurai tuned in for this event

  37. Sandra Arledge says


  38. AestheticRedDragon says

    also is your name cory or kenshin?

  39. Travis Wilkins says

    jax was talkin' straight facts i wouldn't wanna fight my pop neither

  40. Chip Jayja Y says

    I finish story mode

  41. mike dans says

    IM TOO WEAK TB "Psh I was an accident"

  42. Kevin Thao says

    i watched the whole thing

  43. genesis says

    Jeez that ending was NOT what I expected, completely random and crazy

  44. marth torres says

    I cried at part 1:16:35 it's just so sad

  45. I'm epic man says


  46. The 4th Horsemen says

    Cory I made it to the end ik this is late but I still watched it

  47. PleasedPeas says


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