Yesterdays News – Johannes Kotschy


Johannes Kotschy with Yesterdays News

Director: Markus Strömqvist

Music&Lyrics: Johannes Kotschy, Christoffer Olsson

Producer: Fredric Johansson&Johannes Kotschy

Mix: Fredric Johansson

Mastring: Fredrik Häggstam at Little Big Room Studios

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  1. Anna Alisia Nyström says

    My friends will always live on in my heart… Boxingday 2004

  2. Delphine Dias says


  3. ZatyG Twitch says

    Galet bra, länge sen ja fick tårar så snabbt av en låt!

  4. TheRealFart says

    its wonderful, so lovely! the new song I want to hear with my girlfriend! well done Johannes 😀

  5. Asahi Cecily says

    This song is really beautiful. I love it

  6. Thiago Espindola says

    Surprising. I was paralyzed while listening…

  7. Sara sara says

    so nice song

  8. Thanh Xuân Lê says


  9. Richard G says


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