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Today we discuss the current Yogscast vs thereplygirl situation. please check out the blog post for all the information:
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Yogscast vs Thereplygirl! YouTube NEWS Daily!
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  1. Frogboy says

    Is this still accurate?

  2. Charis Cat // Child of an Android says

    Why the fuck am I watching this now?

  3. hiimash says


  4. illumANark says

    I like your format, I had to giggle to your +Atomic Flapjack response, well played sir well played. And I was going to do a shoutout video with a description link in a response commentary, but I am not sure if you would be interested because of the size of my channel. Drop me a PM if you are interested.

  5. Atomic Flapjack says

    "The YouTube news"How unemployed were you when you thought up this idea?

  6. raydredX says

    2:40 Retarded comments are original content, and banning cleavage thumbnails is nitpicking. If Richard Dawkins wants to show us his cleavage how does that break the youtube rules?

  7. Traci Sun says

    The start of the video should have stated…"Here's a quick rundown, we are sexist bigots at YouTube and are simply jealous that the women replying to our videos are getting more fans, subscribers and views than our videos are."There is an easy way to fix that! Stop being a bigot! Stop making boring videos of useless drivel that are nothing more then male ranting that is more obnoxious than mating calls in the local bars! Substance trumps smack talk every time! Maybe when you find intelligence you will understand what I just said. Until next time,Anarchist Girl.

  8. Raccmann says

    As if youtube drama wasn't annoying enough, here's an entire channel about it!

  9. iyess sassi says

    the reply girl replied to this. the irony is killing me!

  10. MenmaSounds says


  11. Jericho says

    Nice video man!

  12. TheMaskBrosGaming says

    youtube news is the gayest idea ever.

  13. Koro Sensei says

    I'm sorry

  14. Javier Ayala says

    The reply girl is my wife

  15. 1stTactless says

    Really, 5 mo later – and your doing the "Talking to a room" thing too – how lame. pfff 5 mo later. I guess dumb doesnt expire though.

  16. Carter says


  17. Carter says

    No, Lewis and many other's are married to opposite sex

  18. JappiNetworkz Yoh says


  19. Samantha Gaydos says

    Fuck you, The Yogscast are very funny and amazing people who can make a joke out of anything

  20. contenau22 says

    This channel is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly unneccessary

  21. joshua barbour says

    Everybody pretty much hates thereplygirl now so much i almost feel bad for her even though she sortof deserves it

  22. Lady Sinovera says

    I think they have fixed it. Not sure the specifics of how as I'm not really that techy/programmy but hiding the tags was one of their first steps.

  23. Omega says

    Okay I know you are most likely a troll but…… FUCK YOU

  24. 1stTactless says

    All the Yogscasters are gay or are children. who gives a shit.

  25. bdoe712 says

    he is.

  26. bdoe712 says


  27. HattedHachet says

    Just because somone "Sounds" gay, doesn't mean they are. People vary in their tone of voice. Don't assume.

  28. Alex Dixon says

    wait wait wait WILLOFDC u claim that you are against anything which is not aloud on youtube yet what does your channel do…. it gets profit of of other people videos just like the reply girls so to be honest you are no better than them. also this does not meen i like reply girls

  29. paxxy says

    It's ironic that she actually replied to this video too..

  30. andreawashere says

    He talks so fast o.O

  31. bassy fox says

    Just to say that YouTube is full of 5 year olds trying to be cool it is just going down hill YouTube has got to be stricter

  32. SkaterBlades says

    Sounds like you want to take them down like elderlyman and replygirl. Hate you

  33. Brandon G says

    This is really stupid

  34. fartsmcmurphy says

    Just thought I'd say this, I miss the times where RWJ was good and I'd see Will of D.C on one of the Breaking NYC videos. Good times!

  35. Charlie X says

    i agree with the yogcast but the youtube hq or something should have a pop up flagging this video as spamm if it goes over 70% dislike and they can choose if it is spamm.

  36. lukesk11135 says

    She claims she isn't "Violating community guidelines"
    To me that's total bullshit she deserves to be flagged and never make a video again

  37. Dirk Diggler says

    Stop saying "trolls". You clearly do not know what a troll is.

  38. stefan senjaya says


  39. VictorHN says

    Is he gay?

  40. Zac L. says

    because people keep clicking her videos generating money for her channel and youtube…

  41. rob moris says

    yogscast sucks shit through a straw

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