You HAVE To Try Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro with iOS 14! Instant Switching Too!


We test out the new spatial audio feature of AirPods Pro as well as the new instant device switching feature — both of which are coming with iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur!

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  1. AppleInsider says

    Any of you already updated to the newest betas and trying this out?

  2. Anthony Willis says

    Unbelievable, watching Greyhound on AppeTV, turn away and the sound is being projected from the direction of the screen. I am astounded. Apple this is game changing.

  3. Leandro Ciccone says

    amazing❤️ so happy with this upgrade😍✔️and also the noise cancellation gets better😘

  4. Fun Where Ever You Go! says

    Do you need to be on IOS14 on your phone to get the AirPods update?

  5. BrettHanaNoah says

    AirPods Pro with spatial audio on the iPad Pro is amazing I tested it with Greyhound and could not believe how good it was. The base was deep and it felt like surround and the way the audio seems like it is coming from my device and not the headphones is well magic.

  6. Franco Landman says

    AirPods Pro just got so much better!!! Loving it

  7. 1429 Arnav Kathuria says

    Is instant switching on normal airpods

  8. Michał Czekański says

    I tried Spatial Audio last night and it’s amazing! I feel that ANC also is better then before.

  9. RAYMOND says

    I updated my AirPods Pro by leaving it in its case, with the lid open, plugged in to a power source and connected it to my iPad Pro (connected to wifi). I just used my iPad normally. It updated on its on after a while. Tried the new spatial audio watching Aquaman on the Apple TV app and my jaw dropped when I heard it for the first time. It is truly amazing and a very true to life cinematic experience. For the best experience, the movies should have the Dolby Atmos symbol. You have to hear it to believe it!

  10. Chris Duke says

    The instant switching is incredible, but now that my AirPods have been upgraded, I'm watching Rise of Skywalker and hearing it like I've never heard it before with Spatial Audio implemented. It's mind blowing. It's unreal. It's a game changer. How the hell did you do this, Apple??? I seriously had to remove my AirPods because I couldn't believe where the audio was coming from. Goosebumps. It sounds like I'm in a movie theater. For real. No joke. This is no gimmick. It's so well implemented… honestly, I'm speechless. This is why I love the Apple ecosystem so much.BTW, the Spatial Audio only works with Dolby Atmos movies and shows. So, don't expect it to work with YouTube videos (unless they support Atmos now) or music streaming services.

  11. Obay Turkistani says

    Support apple watch for switching future???

  12. Karan Khera says

    I will wait for iPhonedo to demo us how spatial audio works. His reviews actually show what he hears.

  13. Felix E. says

    OMG, just dreaming but will the Keynote be streamed with spatial Audio? Why offering it on the Day before Keynote?🤩

  14. Siddharth K says

    does instant switching only work for the AirPods Pro?

  15. iAdrian says

    I have iPhone 6s and I updated my AirPods Pro but I can’t see the spatial audio Toggle in settings or control Center. Please help me

  16. putopituco says


  17. Q Nguyen says

    my airpods won’t update :(( i have the latest beta of ios 14 and not having the new feature pisses me off

  18. Pablo Riveros says

    thanks mate @appleinsider, any idea when iOS14 will release?

  19. lee g says


  20. Soundwave718 says

    I'm running beta 8 and I been trying to update these pros aaallllll day and they just not updating can someone help thanks guys

  21. Tamer B says

    Where can I find content to experience this? Netflix isn’t supported, YouTube, Apple Music, or any other app.

  22. Zeyad Youssef says

    What’s the thing on the Bottom of the AirPods? What kind of holder is that

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