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  1. LukaGelutashv says

    I already know this existed instead of wasting time make youtube better

  2. SinterVinter says

    Use dark mode please

  3. Infernoz Xx says


  4. Willa Saskara says

    is this what people want?

  5. itz sky MC says


  6. Realking Freeze says

    I love how YouTube copied Instagram

  7. McChill says

    Damn bro das crazy but I don’t this this is snapchat or Instagram

  8. 양스테레오 says

    This may better than those of tiktok, stop showing us tiktok ads..

  9. CATTUBER 23 says

    Yo buscado el canal para ver si es famosa

  10. mafuyu sato says

    Yuki I miss him

  11. M Isa says

    I love how youtube removes a lot of useful features, but then spend time on moving around the User interface and copying snapchat/ig story/tiktok/other vertical video platform…

  12. Vicente Cerón says

    Que bacaneria con mi compa el sech

  13. SAHABAT 17 says

    makin lama makin banyak iklan

  14. nemar Torres says

    love it

  15. Igor Przybys says

    Damn those where the whitest teeth I've ever seen

  16. trevcon 3 says

    How do you even get or unlock YouTube stories on YouTube

  17. Iguana Gaming says


  18. GadelOfficial says


  19. Stellurs says

    Give us normal yt rewind!

  20. Python King says

    I hate it so much plz get rid of it

  21. Hoinkdoinkurmumsapikle2 says

    Can you fix algorithm

  22. AxizNoodleMan says


  23. LuXySs says

    ta bien👍

  24. The World Giovanna Duarte says

    You man

  25. gavingamer says


  26. Jack Luebbers says

    How does teeth be so white

  27. Jack Luebbers says

    YouTube fix what you have don’t copy TikTok

  28. EzCezd says


  29. NW BEE says


  30. Mark harold mislang ッ says

    Youtube ya YOUtube can you pls but the skip back before i mean like when ut gonna skip the video using the thing at the bottom i dont like where u need to move to skip i want the thing ur gonna click then their u skipped the video 🙁 i mean when you clicked the thing at the bottom u get it??

  31. Ayesha Yafai says

    Leol okay

  32. hannibaldacannibalx says

    That’s far you but no that’s fine that’s good green is Google you why you

  33. Oofy Dodo says

    Who who whoo is thisssss persoooooOn

  34. AnfeGames says

    Nomas falta que el rewind de este año sea de la stories de famosos 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  35. Samurai Zeph says

    Youtube please give me some tips on how to get more subscribers

  36. CRIMSON DOGE says

    Bruh this is can't skip the grill story

  37. Tamara Salinas says


  38. Prima Shaw says

    Stunning dress n makeup. The white really completes the sexy, comforting, yet classy look👍🏾👍🏾🤩💝…

  39. Dynamaxed _ fireball says

    Ahhh here we are with the YouTube algorithm se you in a year

  40. Jefferson Itallo says


  41. XxCYPEXUNKNOWN xX says

    Is it on android and stuff too? If not damn I wanted to use it bad I didnt update so idk yet.

  42. Colgate Toothpaste says

    Who still uses light mode?

  43. Kamikaze123 says

    Why I watch story's in story's?

  44. Your FBI Agent says

    Your ads are very annoying pls stop

  45. Desmonetização says

    the only thing i want …. rewind 2020 😒

  46. Clix Recon says

    Youtube were is my 1k subs

  47. Miss Mami says

    I think I’m gonna look into other websites that are like YouTube, but actually care about the “You” in it.

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