ZOMPEDE EVENT – Hill Climb Racing 2 GamePlay Walkthrough Android IOS


Hill Climb Racing 2 ZOMPEDE EVENT walkthrough gameplay
Halloween Hill Climb Racing 2 2020 Zombie against cars

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Racing gameplay

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  1. Vereshchak says

    Halloween 2020 is coming!! 😍
    For now, enjoy the Zompede event, with Zombies 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

  2. Даниил Плюснин says




  4. pravesh batar says

    Rally car

  5. Mochechin Traveruchin says

    Hola 😐😐

  6. Aaron Duncan says

    Wow my score was 86 I got close

  7. Ano 12 says

    Kasih love ding please

  8. PogMaNem IsJeff says

    Yo what was the name of the music u used at 1st pls

  9. antony leo says

    I drive Hot Road in Zompede event

  10. edenkor says

    This is one of my better events. I'm no good at the jumpy ones, but I can evade a zombie. Bet result was 1496m on Zombie Land course

  11. Max says

    Zombie land- rally car, other locations- hot rod

  12. Christopher Franko Koliush says

    hot rod is the best in this event i got the skeleton set with it

  13. Àzmer Hamzah says

    hot rod

  14. Resa Alif says


  15. Kevin stoller says

    Rallye car

  16. [Fb]iuo says


  17. Jaxx_ says

    I would have a Zombie Engine that climbs any mountain xD

  18. Gunkyyy says

    what do you play on?

  19. Rideg János says

    Rally car

  20. Messenger For God says

    Dude! I love watching you play!!!

  21. AZIZ SHAIKH says


  22. Dondiel says

    I use Lamborgini (super car)

    Love you Vereshchak!

  23. world of creativity says

    Kase kerta ho

  24. Hasbi Animation says


  25. HJ Veerbeek says

    I did use hot rod

  26. Manjusha Pawer says

    I went to bike 🚛🚜🚜🛵🛵🚐

  27. The Quiet Kid says


  28. The Quiet Kid says

    I beat the event…

  29. Daniel caseres says

    If you tell me how do I recover my old account, I will subscribe

  30. Hamza Moin ur Rehman says

    I have this update

  31. Mirosław Głuchowski says

    Hot rod is best

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