1. Tawny the Dutchie says

    Yeah, this is already dark by itself, but did anyone see Film Theories Zootopia Theory? Were that nighthowler flower or sumthin was actually cocaine. The drug, im talking about. Pretty dark stuff.

  2. galaxyrodent draws says

    I want see this other idea of this film :0 it can be good :^

  3. Polski Królik says

    ;// good sceneAgain Disney…why

  4. K. Umer rajpoot says

    That was terrible!

  5. Kênh Youtube says

    thank god they're delete this!

  6. Mandemon1990 says

    Did you really have to stick that music everywhere? It's not good, it's just annoying

  7. Daylin Hesford says

    The bear one broke my heart

  8. Len The Suprime Two Tailed Super Fox says

    Prefiero mil veces esta version no me importa si es oscura alv :v

  9. KingOfAlsgravia says

    How did you get this? I've watched the bonus features and all deleted scenes, I never saw these.

  10. 湛藍天 says

    Really want to see all old script

  11. Silent Soul says

    I would have pay 1 millions dollars to see this versión of zootopia

  12. Anna Budai Tóth says

    this is from Zootopia 2? please answer

  13. Pizzalover6262 says

    Dude I'm reading a fanfiction about how Judy and Nick wake up in a alternate universe and every predator has shock collars and it's so weird

  14. Denuveus says

    okay Finnick freaking out at the end was amazing!

  15. Anna Maria Tomassini says

    thanks ^-^ (w zootopia)

  16. Anna Maria Tomassini says

    could you pls tell me the link of piano try everything.. i can't find the right one

  17. R.A.C Corp Studios says

    wow the shock collars just wow…..that could have made a dark ending

  18. Captain Sydney says


  19. sh0je says

    Now all they need to do is put this in the 2nd movie. Ok? Got that producers? Yeah I want this now. Like now.

  20. Blitzo IMP says

    I AM IN A DIAPER!!!!!! That part made me crack up

  21. SteamPunk says

    Why did you put music over it?

  22. Francesca Cataldo says

    which piano version is this?

  23. Moose Tracks says

    I would love to see the full version of the collar concept. Zootopia 2: The Tame Collar

  24. Rownin' says


  25. K High says

    for some resonance I feel like crying?

  26. Kenmora Shade says

    is it wrong that I really want to see the original concept as a movie too? i mean it would be interesting just to see how the story would of played.

  27. Veldhuis94 says

    holy crap zootopia was SO different when it started…though it was for a much older audience, i always think it's a pity that some of these concepts just go to wastei always hope they can reuse it somehow

  28. Mon Mon says

    Sounds racist

  29. LightningSword13 says

    Wow the story was altered a lot for some good reasons but near the beginning… Was it plus to be Nick and his Son? Not Nick and Judy?

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